CLIENT: private subject
SERVICES RENDERED: preliminary, definitive and executive project, structural executive project, systems executive project, safety in design and execution phase and D.L.
AMOUNT OF WORKS: 800.000 €


1. Foundation structures
According to the characterization of the ground, a ribbed slab type has been foreseen in order to contain the differential settlements and face the reductions of capacity in seismic conditions. The pillars of the arcades with wooden structure are founded on isolated plinths given the lower static stress.

2. Elevated Structures
The structures in elevation are constituted by spatial frames of beams and pillars in reinforced concrete which is entrusted with the function of resisting seismic actions. The floors are of unidirectional type in concrete with the exception of the floors falling in the hall and in the portion of the attic of one of the two villas. The latter have been provided with a full plate both as a result of the architectural need to obtain an open environment, with important lights (up to 9.0 m) and the presence of the stairwell to complicate any warping of a floor to behavior unidirectional and for the geometric limit deliberately imposed on the width of the beams in thickness belonging to seismic-resistant frames.
The wooden roof is supported by inclined pitch beams and eaves beams having “L” sections variously shaped to follow the architectural conformations.
The planimetric disposition of the structures creates a quite regular flat figure of pseudo rectangular shape, however some planimetric dissymmetries, the altimetrical dissymmetries due to the garages and the presence of full plate floors create sensible, but not excessive, differences in structural behavior between the two housing units. From the point of view of loads, the possibility of creating a loft inside the garage has been foreseen. The building occupies an area of main planimetric dimensions equal to 25×12 m and rises for three floors above ground reaching a maximum height on the ridge of about 10.0 m.

3. Installations
The following systems have been foreseen

  • Radiator and radiant panel heating system.
    The building has been subdivided into single real estate units, each of which has its own heating system. The energy necessary to the functioning of the system is produced by autonomous gas boilers with hot water production. It has been realized a heating system with radiant floor panels; starting from each boiler the main distribution circuit branches out and reaches the distribution manifolds of the living and sleeping areas equipped with zone valves controlled by floor chronothermostats.
  • Predisposition – realization of summer cooling plants
  • Hydro-sanitary system
  • Solar system for hot sanitary water production
    The plant will consist of a system of solar energy collection consisting of flat panels in battery installed on the roof of the building
  • Water and gas adduction system starting from the delivery points of the supplying companies
  • Waste water discharge system

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